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Precision Optics


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Custom optics will make it possible to properly size these units. Shanghai Optics is a renowned company that produces several popular models. The team has a combined 54 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Their expertise will give them an advantage when it comes to production. Complete satisfaction guaranteed with the order being placed. New buyers want to remain confident in their next purchase. They also have a cost effective methodology behind their production line.

Several different services now go in to their production. Precision optics is perhaps the most valuable of the bunch. They are ready to supply clients worldwide when it comes to these optics. Their process should lead to competitive costs and important deals for buyers. Top quality optics has always been a priority for leading manufacturers. An optical system assembly is perhaps the biggest draw. With that in place, Shanghai Optics will work to distribute their products effectively.

Obtain a competitive edge in the global market with Shanghai Optics. Cost effective technology is just part of the expectations put in place. A reliable supply chain is in effect for teams working to make these transactions possible. Assembly and sub-assembly are real challenges that need to be met. Custom lens design is a real possibility for anyone working with precision optics. Remarkable savings could be achieved whenever an industrial scale is achieved. Shanghai Optics will still work to ensure high quality products for everyone involved.

Volume production has been a goal for some time now. In many ways, that goal has also been achieved. The result was a dramatic reduction in overall cost for the consumer. If Precision optics are arranged, expect information on these products. Managers and order teams will be pleased with what they see. Shanghai Optics maintains contact information for anyone interested in their wares.


Where to Buy Precision Optics when you need to Save Money


Are you in the market for a precision optics order? Are you looking to buy precision optics for an affordable price?

If so, here are a number of tips that will not only help you buy precision optics at a great price, but will also all but guarantee that they are of the highest quality possible.

Where to buy precision optics when you need to save money -- There are several avenues you can take when it comes to buying Precision optics for an affordable price.

You can start to look in your own country for a manufacturer that makes precision optics much cheaper than many of the others. This, however, can take time as many of the manufacturers you will come across all provide what you need for around the same cost.

Or you can start looking outside your own country to countries like China. Here you will find companies that provide precision optics at the same high quality you need but, due to lower labor costs, can usually undercut western manufacturers by quite a high margin.

What you will find in China -- China is the country many customers are now looking at when it comes to buying the optical products they need. That is because Chinese firms manufacture their products in international standard labs, they test in clean rooms, they have well trained staff and they can manufacture just about any precision optical product you need.

When you factor in a price that is often twenty to forty percent cheaper than any company in the United States or Europe, it is no wonder so many people now consider China as the only place they will look to for their precision optics needs.

Check out a few of the Chinese companies online, and see if you come to the same conclusion.


What to Look for when Ordering Precision Optics on the Internet


Are you one of those people who needs to buy precision optics for a company you own or work for? Have you been looking at the cost of precision optics constantly on the rise over the last few years, and are finally at the point where you need to make a change?

If that is the case, here is what you should be looking for when it comes to ordering precision optics on the Internet from a company you have not dealt with before.

What is their reputation like? -- You can find out a lot about a company by reading about their reputation online. With so many reviews up nowadays, it really is easy to figure out if a company's products are high quality, if they have good customer service, if the price is affordable and if they deliver what they promise to deliver. Read a few reviews for any company you are considering buying from before you place your first order.

Check our their manufacturing facility -- Many Precision optics companies have in depth details about their manufacturing plant. They will tell you where the plant is located, what type of facility it is, how the manufacturing is done and if testing is carried out in a clean lab.

Only order from a company that does tell you about their manufacturing plant, as a least you will have a good idea about the quality of the lenses you are going to order that way.

How long does an order take? -- Find out how long a typical order takes to complete before placing one. Especially if you need your lenses by a specific point in time. That way, you are less likely to be left worrying about a late order and having to make other arrangements when it does not arrive.

Getting Your Optics on the Internet


Optic Lenses on the Internet

For a lot of people, ordering all of their online supplies saves them money and time. You will not have to go to a local store just to find what you need and this can be a great way for you to feel confident in the products being ordered. If this has been something you've been doing for quite some time, you might also want to know that you can go through Precision optics and buy your glasses on the Internet. This is a wonderful way for you to save tons of time and money on your own part and still get the items that you would like to look and feel your best.

Why Order Online?

The main reason to order on the Internet is because it helps you to save money and still get the options that you need. There are a lot of things that you can do when buying and wearing glasses. If you are tired of always having to select the glasses you see locally, you might want to think of buying from an online vendor. The most important thing is for you to have the right prescription from a local eye doctor so that you can use this when you are ordering your items on the Internet. You will then be able to find and use a great company to order the items that you need. This is why a lot of people are choosing to buy their glasses on the Internet and this can be a great option for those who wear glasses and just need to buy a brand new pair to fit their needs and lifestyle each and every day. You can find and buy all of these items right on the Internet from your own office chair.



The Future Is Coming into Focus Thanks to Precision Optics

                 SHANGHAI OPTICS

The technology of the future might come as a surprise

Future technological advancements are a common topic of discussion. We've been born into an era which more than any other has been shaped by exponential technological growth. Even the youngest people today can remember just how different the world was in the recent past. Those who are older can recall the dramatic shift that the world has gone through as computers entered into everyone's life. But there's one aspect of technology which many people aren't really aware of. But it's still one of the leading elements of technological growth. This area is the field of Precision optics. This might come as a surprise at first. But one should consider just how important optical systems really are. Anything that's manufactured on a precise level will need precision optics to judge the results. All of the world's most powerful computers require this type of precise error detection in order to be verified as operational. The people who make the chips which power high speed computers need to be able to see into the smallest realms of the world in order to design and manufacture them. And this is why improvements in optics are so important.

Speeding up production of something which is vital to manufacturing

One of the most exciting things about precision optics is how quickly they can be produced these days. A custom lens or optical system once took months to create. Now it can be done in a fraction of that time. In fact, one can simply load up a webpage and fill in the exact specifications that are needed. The lens or optical system will then be created on an as needed basis. This is also an example of how technology often works in a synergistic manner. The precision lenses help the manufacturing process. And better methods of precision manufacturing in turn allow people to speed up production of powerful optical systems.


Precision Optics



The company itself.
Shanghai Optics is a company that designs and manufactures photonic products. The company provides high-end Precision optics including; optical components, optomechanical and lens systems. Shanghai Optics has been in the business lens design, engineering and assembly for 53 years. It supplies its products all over the world to research, defense, industrial, pharmaceutical, commercial and biotechnical industries.

Why we are a reliable company.
Our company has been in the optical field for 50 years which has enabled us to constantly improve our products. As time passes and technology changes, we continuously revise our lens designs and optical precision systems to ensure we offer our clients the best regarding quality. Our goal is to satisfy the customers needs and supply them with products that perform efficiently and effectively. Fortunately, we are good at that.

Our products and services.
Our company has well-trained professionals who are the best in optical, mechanical, optical fabrication and electro-optical designs production. Our products include SWIR imaging lens, zoom lens, fisheye lens, night vision lens, telephoto lens, a collimating lens, projection lens and microscope objectives. Keeping in mind that quality is assured, we offer some services which include; optical design optimizations, reverse engineering, customs optics fabrication, optical system assembly and sub-assembly, optical system design- component/lens system and DFM(Design for Manufacturing Input).

Why we are the best choice.
We offer competitive costs in the market and are ISO:9001-2008 certified. We deliver goods as fast as possible assuring our customers of short lead times. We provide creative and more developed solutions for lens designs and optimization and rapid prototyping. All the above have been put in place to ensure our clients are pleased with our service. We also have a website( shanghai optics) that can provide extensive information if necessary.


Telecentric Lenses


In the recent past, telecentric lenses have grown in popularity due to their ability to undertake high accuracy measurements and repeatability which in turn maximize the output of machine vision systems. Telecentric lenses appear to be heavier, larger and quite expensive when compared to normal lenses. Their main advantage is providing the highest possible accuracy that can be obtained in machine vision systems since its magnification never changes with respect to depth.

Similarly, telecentric lenses have a lower distortion value than fixed lenses. Distortion makes an object seem as if it were in a different location, which alters the accuracy of a measurement. Furthermore, a telecentric lens solves problems associated with poor image resolution. Telecentric lenses resolution is quite compatible with small pixels and cameras with high resolutions, therefore, increasing measurement resolution.

It is recommendable to put telecentric lenses to use especially when the profile of a piece is required, the brightness of an image must be even, and when the object to lens distance cannot be predicted. Also, it can be put to use when different measurements on different object planes have to be carried out. Mostly, telecentric lenses are used in making patterns in semiconductor chips, metrology and scientific research, machinery components, printing, and laser diameter among others.

In conclusion, Telecentric Lenses aim at offering the highest image resolution of a machine vision. It can have pixels smaller than 3 microns and mostly operate in the range of 365 to 425 nm. They can produce a higher image contrast when you have high spatial frequencies. Their benefits include offering better magnification constancy which helps in overcoming accuracy issues, increasing field depth which helps maintain a good image contrast, especially when viewing thick objects and an even illumination of the detector which aids in print quality, textiles and LCD.